Joining MAG-Net

MAG-Net Membership

Our membership is our greatest strength. MAG-Net Members represent a cross-section of immigrant/migrant and citizen communities of color, poor and working class white communities, native/indigenous communities, women, queer communities, and other disenfranchised groups. We are rural and urban, mixed class, and all seeking to build a progressive social movement with the power to transform media conditions and rules for these constituencies.

Why Become a Member?

MAG-Net is a local-to- local advocacy network of grassroots community organizations working together to advance a common agenda of ending poverty, eliminating racism, and ensuring human rights through the transformation of the media system. Our mission is to ensure the public voice and influence of communities at the margins in debates over media policy and the future of our media. MAG-Net prioritizes community organizing, basebuilding, media policy literacy education and leadership development as key methods that will help to build a sustainable media justice movement.  MAG-Net has an ongoing and open membership enrollment period.  We are expanding MAG-Net into different regions across the country.  We are interested in building with community organizations that have a base and are invested in advancing a media justice and social change agenda.  Together, our MAG-Net membership is advancing an exciting new vision for media justice.

Become a Member Today! 

Become a Member!  Fill out this Webform and you'll hear back from us within 2 weeks about your membership status.  You can also email betty [at] mediajustice [dot] org if you have any questions. 

Membership Dues

MAG-Net has annual membership dues!  As of January 1st, 2012, MAG-Net membership dues will be collected by the entire MAG-Net membership.  The annual membership dues will be as follows: Regional Anchor Members - $100; Regional Member- $50; and General Member- $25.  Groups that are experiencing economic hardship can pay a sliding scale.  Please email Betty Yu at betty [at] centerformediajustice [dot] org for more info on this.

All dues go into the Media Action Grassroots Fund.

Membership Types

MAG-Net has four types of members. Each membership type allows for a different level of participation, decision-making, and responsibility. Members learn from one another’s expertise and experience, share knowledge and strategies, and participate in collaborative efforts to build a powerful movement for media justice.

Regional Anchor Member: Regional organizations with a base of members or volunteers that have com- mitted to building a regional alliance for media justice. They govern the Network through participation in a workgroup, annual leadership, convenings, and regular contact. They provide leadership for members of the regional MAG-Net Chapter.

Regional Member: Local social justice organizations in regions that have a MAG-Net anchor group. They may not have media accountability and policy change as a primary issue, but care deeply about the state of the media and want the opportunity to get information and mobilize their community for action.

General Member: National groups working with under-represented communities or local groups in regions where there is no MAG-Net Anchor Group.