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Twitter Announces It Can Now Block Content By Country

by Eyder Peralta / Reposted from 

Twitter announced, last night, that it now has the ability to block content by country.

This means, for example, that if a Tweet breaks a German law, Twitter can now block it in Germany but leave it up in the rest of the world.

Score! for Two Rural Broadband Teams

By Craig Settles / Reposted from the Daily Yonder

MAG-Net on the airwaves


On Wednesday, January 25th Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) members Steven Renderos (Main Street Project) and amalia deloney (Center for Media Justice) spoke about SOPA & PIPA on First Person Radio.  Ernesto Falcon from Public Knowledge (MAG-Net partner) also joined the conversation. Don't worry if you missed it, you can still listen to the broadcast.  



Danielle Chynoweth, Director of Planning at Prometheus Radio Project, on the Importance of Community Radio and MAG-Net

I remember when Malkia (Executive Director of Center for Media Justice) took the stage of the National Conference for Media Reform ten years ago to insist that a national media policy network needs to work for justice - that our work must address material needs, engage marginalized populations as leaders, and help redistribute power. This was an important, early intervention to ensure that this generation's media policy work is centered on people not merely technology issues.

Phenomenal Explanation Of SOPA. By, Bob Lefsetz

By Bob Lefsetz

“Just consume, don’t produce, don’t share.”

The content industries don’t want a distinction between what’s legal and illegal, that bit them in the ass already, with the Home Recording Act of 1992, wherein it was declared legal to make your own mixtapes, even share them. That horrified them. So they changed their game, they decided to go after the sharing itself.

Creating a Shared Visual Language for Mesh Wireless Technology

By Joshua Breitbart of the New America Foundation's Open Technology Initiative

A compelling picture is definitely worth the proverbial thousand words for explaining new kinds of wireless networks – especially when that picture appears alongside comprehensible technical information. And yet our choices about visual and written language say a lot about just who we expect to participate in building, using and maintaining networks. Complex diagrams run the risk of confusing audiences of potential community network participants, especially if graphics are abstract or surrounded by technical details and jargon.

Opposing Censorship Isn’t Just for Internet Giants In Internet Strike, Local Groups Help Blackout Go Viral

January 19, 2012 – As well-trafficked websites like Wikipedia and Google faded to black in opposition to the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Protect IP Act (PIPA), local organizations across the country voiced their opposition to the proposed legislation by joining the strike.

Media Alliance Joins 7,000 Websites In A Day of Darkness to Protest Stop IP Act

By Tracy Rosenberg, Media Alliance

Oakland, CA - Across the United States, thousands of websites from large to small, have joined a symbolic day of digital darkness to protest the online anti-piracy bills, SOPA and PIPA, which they claim pose severe threats to online free speech and the open architecture of the Internet.

Gadgets of Distraction

By Arif Mamdani/ Reposted from

Earlier in the week, Reverend Justin Schroeder, asked a simple question as part of his series of blog posts on spiritual practice. His question: "what's at the center of your life?"

I commented, asking whether center is determined by word, thought, or deed, and Justin agreed that it's action more than anything else that points the way toward what's central for us. As I read his thoughts on spirituality and the things we feed vs. the things we let lie fallow, I couldn't help but reflect again on my relationship to being connected.

Manager's Amendment of SOPA Doesn't Fix What's Ailing This Bill

by  Sherwin Siy / Reposted from Public Knowledge's Blog

Monday afternoon, the House Judiciary Committee released its planned manager’s amendment to SOPA, claiming that it eliminated significant concerns with the bill. While it does fix some of the current version’s outrageous proposals, it leaves some of the most dangerous provisions largely intact. Here’s a brief rundown of our concerns with the manager’s amendment.