Iraq Veterans Against the War

MAG-Net Member Action - #VeteransDay Social Media Dialogue: Broadening the conversation on the War at Home and Abroad

Our MAG-Net member, Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) is working on a social media campaign to shift the dialogue around this upcoming Veteran's day, from one that implicitly supports war by avoiding any conversations of its costs towards a frank conversation on how U.S. militarism tears at the fabric that bonds our communities and has real impacts on peoples lives. 

We invite all of our MAG-Net members and allies to join in this social media dialogue.

Matt Howard: children lost their lives, others lost limbs and a nation looked on in horror

Three days ago I saw the aftermath of explosives that tore through a crowd of unsuspecting bystanders, shrapnel leaving a trail of destruction in its wake. I read how children lost their lives, others lost limbs and a nation looked on in horror. On Monday, this same scene played out over and over again. All of them separate bombings, all on the same day and all in the same country. Iraq is this country, where over 25 blasts rocked major metropolitan areas, many of them car bombs, that resulted in more than 61 deaths and over 274 injured.  No doubt the enormity of the loss of life and carnage is hard to imagine but if you had watched the news or read American newspapers you could be forgiven for not knowing it happened at all.

Making “Illa-Noise” in Chicago Against NATO and the Afghanistan War

By Betty Yu, Reposted from

“I am a daughter of an [Afghan] refugee, and my taxpayer dollars are being used to kill my family.  The media is playing this [Afghanistan war] as a “good war” and that it is helping to liberate Afghan women. Bombing Afghanistan into oblivion is not going to help these women.  NATO occupation out of Afghanistan!”

-Samira Sayed –Rahman, Afghans for Peace

Resistance is in the Airwaves: By Any Media Necessary

By Betty Yu, Center for Media Justice / Reposted from

As I wind down my adventures at the South By Southwest’s (SXSW) Interactive Festival in Austin, Texas this week, I reflect on the fact that the most powerful and poignant moments  didn’t actually take place in halls of the Convention Center.  The Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net)Brown Paper Tickets, and Prometheus Radio Project co-hosted a Sunday brunch with a half a dozen local groups located in and around Austin who were interested in taking advantage of a once in the lifetime opportunity to start a Lower Power radio station thanks to the Local Community Radio Act that was passed back in December 2010.  Prometheus Radio Project led a 10-year grassroots fight to win the Local Community Radio Act. The new law mandates the government to expand the Low Power FM (LPFM) service, creating the potential for thousands of new community based organizations to start radio station across the country, including availability for the first time in big cities!

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