Gadgets of Distraction

By Arif Mamdani/ Reposted from

Earlier in the week, Reverend Justin Schroeder, asked a simple question as part of his series of blog posts on spiritual practice. His question: "what's at the center of your life?"

I commented, asking whether center is determined by word, thought, or deed, and Justin agreed that it's action more than anything else that points the way toward what's central for us. As I read his thoughts on spirituality and the things we feed vs. the things we let lie fallow, I couldn't help but reflect again on my relationship to being connected.

Verizon Fee: Mobile Network Operator Scraps Convenience Fee After Customer Uproar

By Jason Gilbert  / Reposted from Huffington Post

Well, isn't that convenient! After public outcry, Verizon has decided that it will not instate a $2 "convenience fee" for customers paying monthly bills with a credit or debit card via the Internet or telephone.

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