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Hakim Bellamy: New Resolve, New Ideas and New People

New resolve, new ideas and new people. The Grassroots Radio Conference did the job that good conferences are supposed to do. It reminded us why the work is important. We remind ourselves why we do the work we do. Finally, it reminds us that we are not doing the work alone. In the workshop I facilitated (Radio and the Radiohead) , we ended on communication strategies for progressing radio programs, radio stations and the radio movement. However, we began with a simple question (adapted from the film Brown Sugar), “When did you first fall in love with radio?” Hearing our own answers to that question, is almost as reaffirming as hearing others’. As we applied communications theory to issues of messaging, development and distribution, we functioned from the basic premise that our stories are the most valuable resource we have in bringing community members to our movement, and the finding and sharing of our stories is the most valuable thing we do.

Open Letter To Support Community Media in Albuquerque, New Mexico

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We are writing to all of our friends and allies as community media advocates, community access television practitioners and media justice supporters.  We send this letter to specifically ask you to join us in supporting Quote...Unquote--a 30-year-old Community Access Center that has been serving the Albuquerque community by providing a platform for community members and residents to have access to 21st century digital media making tools. Quote…Unquote has been an avid and committed member of MAG-Net for nearly five years, connecting local producers and non-profit organizations to national coalitions and sharing their locally produced media with members of the network—and now, more than ever, they need our support.

Local Origination with National Support

By Hakim Bellamy of Media Literacy Project / Reposted from medialiteracyproject.org

It seems that the wave of support from media justice advocates across the country has helped to progress the situation of Albuquerque-based, public access television non-profit Quote-UnQuote Inc. Combined with a staff that has worked relentlessly to keep the channels from going dark and overwhelming community support, Quote-UnQuote has led an inspired resistance to a recommendation from a City ad –hoc committee to award the public access contract to a for-profit entity. The direct communication campaign by national partners and the local movement’s (including the Occupy movement) vigilant protection of access to free speech in Albuquerque has put the City Administration on notice.

PUBLIC ACCESS TV CHALLENGES CITY TO BE MORE TRANSPARENT Quote…Unquote, Inc. cites New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act

ALBUQUERQUE, NEW MEXICO (reposted from Quote Unquote)

On Monday, November 28th two local TV news operations, Channel 4 KOB and Channel 7 KOAT reported that a City employee had unintentionally given out confidential documents related to the procurement process for the public access channels in Albuquerque. The news broadcasts added that this employee has suffered a reprisal from City administrators as a result. Why was this woman put on leave for giving out public information?

The People vs. The City of Albuquerque

Reposted from MediaLiteracyProject.org

As Public Access TV Stations decline across the country, so does free speech

study conducted by the Buske Group and the Alliance for Communications Democracy shows that over a five year period between 2005-2010, public access television stations across the country have been rapidly eroding. The latest casualty of this trend is New Mexico’s Quote-UnQuote, the non-profit that’s contracted with the City of Albuquerque to provide a platform for free speech for the past 30 years. 

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