Digital Dialogues



Just in time for Halloween, October 26th marked the largest anticipated national rally against mass surveillance. It’s only fitting because it’s horrifying how the National Security Agency is tracking our phone calls and monitoring our online activity — often with the help of telecom & media companies.  What’s really scary is how long government surveillance has been targeting people of color, immigrants, LGBTQ communities, the working poor & organizers.  

On this October Digital Dialogue, we had a spirited discussion with digital privacy experts and organizers as they unmask the dangers of digital surveillance for our communities.  They shared organizing strategies and ways to fight back to protect our online digital rights and Internet freedom. 


Co-hosted by Hilary Goldstein, May First/People Link & Betty Yu, Center for Media Justice Media Action Grassroots Network



In May, as the civil war began to escalate, the Syrian government blocked Internet and online communication between Syria and the rest of the world.  More recently, the NSA has dominated the news as we learn about the massive spying program that’s collecting phone, email, banking and medical data domestically.  In each instance, the Open Internet is at stake, as Governments and Corporations work (often together) to control or eliminate our online rights.  Whether abroad or at home, these infringements on our first amendment rights are part of a long history of government surveillance and suppression of social justice movements.   

Join us for a digital dialogue that explores the intersections of technology, media justice and democracy. How has the government justified their surveillance of our communications post 9/11?  What is the relationship between the Internet and dissent? What has been the role of the corporate media in times of conflict?  Why and how is the government and corporations collaborating to stifle oppositional voices at home and abroad?

This call will feature organizers, activists and media experts who will tackle these questions, and highlight grassroots organizing efforts, the use of social media/alternative media, cultural responses and ways people can get involved.

Featured Speakers:

Moderated by  Elandria Williams, The Highlander Research & Education Center & Betty Yu, Center for Media Justice & Media Action Grassroots Network