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On August 31st the Department of Justice filed a lawsuit to block AT&T’s takeover of T-Mobile.  Blocking this merger was a major victory for communities of color, rural communities and America’s poor.  Help us thank the DOJ for listening to our concerns.

Call 1.888.638.1150 x1 and let them know what blocking this merger means to YOU and YOUR community.  

If AT&T takes over T‐Mobile, it will be a disaster for all mobile phone users. The takeover will stifle information, choice, innovation and jobs, and lead to higher prices for mobile devices. Tell Congress to oppose this deal!

If AT&T takes over T-Mobile, it will be a disaster for all mobile phone users -- especially people of color and low-income communities. Sign our petition telling the FCC and DOJ to block this takeover.

Take Action: Stop the Comcast/Time Warner Merger

What happens when the country's #1 & #2 cable and Internet companies merge? A total disaster for consumers like you. Tell the FCC and the Department of Justice to stop this merger.

We need safety and security online for our communities!

Read the Civil Rights Principles for the Era of Big Data, urging companies and the government to develop & use new technologies in ways that promote equal opportunity and equal justice. Check them out in Spanish too.

Welcome New Member: Open Media Boston

Open Media Boston is an online news publication dedicated to regularly publishing fair and accurate news, views, arts, entertainment and technology coverage for the Boston, Massachusetts. Learn more about their work here.

Jackson Rising: The New Economies Conference

Join the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement on May 2nd-4th to learn best practices in cooperative enterprises & economic development in Mississippi, the Southeast region and throughout the country. Learn more.

Apr 16, 2014
Below is an excerpt from a journal article written by Lyell Davis, from the Radical History Review. Building a National Media Justice Movement: An Interview with Betty Yu, Membership Organizer, Media Action Grassroots Network, the Center for Media Justice
Apr 16, 2014
The below is an exerpt from and article by Network Coordinator Betty Yu, featured on In February, Comcast announced its proposal to merge with Time Warner Cable in a $45 billion deal between the top two US cable companies. If approved, this unified media company would control a massive television and Internet market of more than 30 million subscribers across the US...
Mar 17, 2014
On March 14th the Open Technology Initiative and the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights hosted a discussion about the impact of Big Data on communities of color. Panelists presented a set of civil and human rights principles of which Center for Media Justice, representing MAG-Net as part of the Civil Rights Table was involved in crafting. Below you'll find additional information about...
Mar 3, 2014
Technological progress should bring greater safety, economic opportunity, and convenience to everyone. And the collection of new types of data is essential for documenting persistent inequality and discrimination. At the same time, as new technologies allow companies and government to gain greater insight into our lives, it is vitally important that these technologies be designed and used in...
Feb 26, 2014
1) Briefly introduce the work of the Peoples Press Project and describe the region you're located in, Fargo-Moorhead. The People’s Press Project (also known as PPP) was created as a new organization in April 2010 to address the lack of media access and equity in rural ND and MN. The PPP is located in Moorhead on the Border of Minnesota and North Dakota in the region known as the...
Feb 19, 2014
The San Francisco Bay Area is often seen across the country as a “blue” outpost and a place where liberal ideas predominate. This image is especially widespread in media reports which emphasize cultural and political innovations. But the local media system which indulges in the self-congratulatory blather is itself a retrograde example of corporate consolidation and dominance. More...
Feb 12, 2014
Ren is the DJ hosted by CMJ's own DJ Ren (aka Steven Renderos) kicks off it's debut podcast with a two-part discussion with Minneapolis-based DJ/producer BK-One. In Part 1, BK-One aka Brendan Kelly talks about his involvement with Twin Cities Community Radio, how he came to be Brother Ali's DJ and the role of the Internet for independent artists.
Feb 10, 2014
For over ten years a coalition of organizations and individuals has been asking the Federal Communications Commission (the FCC) to lower the cost of calling prison, jail or detention centers.  Our network, the Media Action Grassroots Network was at the forefront of the fight through our work in the Campaign for Prison Phone Justice.  Together along with our allies last August we...
Jan 14, 2014
On Tuesday, a federal court struck down the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) Open Internet Order. The ruling means that companies like AT&T and Verizon can censor, block and interfere with Internet traffic and content.
Jan 7, 2014
With the recent passing of Nelson Mandela - the South African anti-apartheid revolutionary, politician, activist, lawyer, philanthropist and former President of South Africa - we decided to ask one of our newest MAG-Net members to reflect his legacy and work. Here's our interview with Ash-Lee Woodard Henderson and Janelle Jackson of Concerned Citizens for Justice (CCJ). Q: Briefly...

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