In District Visits to Protect #NetNeutrality

August was a busy month for us! MAG-Net Members across the county went and visited their congress person, urging them to Protect #NetNeutrality.    

lifeline graphic, phone and computer

MAG-Net’s FCC Comments on Lifeline Program

Lifeline is the only federal program that provides discounts to low-income families for telephone service. It annually supports 12 million families in the United States through a monthly subsidy that makes telephone or cell phone service more affordable. Recently, the Federal Communications Commission announced it would expand the program to also include a discount for Read more


Online for Power? Shifting Our Movements Toward the Future

“Last year, San Francisco released BART Watch, an app for reporting crimes on the Bay Area’s main transit system. After filing a California Public Records Act request to see what people were reporting, the East Bay Express found a disturbing pattern: Of the 763 alerts sent to BART, 198 included a description of the race Read more


The Senate Wants to Make Internet Companies and Providers Spies

New Article written by MAG-Net Anchor, Alfredo Lopez, about Provision 603 of the Senate Intelligence Authorization Act. The law, which is going to be passed by the Senate (and probably by the House if we don’t get moving on it) essentially forces Internet providers to turn over any information they believe may be linked to Read more


MAG-Net member Cyber Attacked

Written by MAG-Net member Alfredo Lopez: Attackers continued their assault on May First/People Link operations Monday evening shutting down the organization’s website at https://mayfirst.org. All other services continue operating. The Denial of Service attack targeted the website but, as collateral damage, much of May First’s hosting system was paralyzed for a short time about 11:00 Read more