Infograph: 3 Reasons to Block the Comcast Time Warner merger

Bigger is not always better. The country’s largest cable companies, Comcast and Time Warner are attempting to merge. The $45 billion consolidation of these two massive companies would only further marginalize the voices of communities of color, lead to higher bills for customers and leave us with fewer options for Internet service.  

Tell Your Internet Provider: #DontBlockMyInternet

The countdown for Net Neutrality has begun.  On February 26th, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is set to vote in strong Net Neutrality rules that will protect all Internet users for generations to come.  Though we are only days away from winning a long and hard fought campaign, we haven’t won yet. At this very moment the Read more

Proposed Net Neutrality Rules Will Help Close Equity Gap

According to an article Chairman Wheeler penned in Wired Magazine, the proposed net neutrality rules would reclassify the Internet as a Title II service under the Communications Act.  Those rules, he says, will keep the Internet “fast, fair, and open”, and will protect all users, whether they access the Internet from a tablet, a phone, Read more

More Reform on Prison Phone Rates!

UCC OC Inc., Center for Media Justice and MAGNet teamed up with religious organizations, civil rights groups, labor and many others to submit a letter today supporting further reforms to end predatory prison phone rates.


Black Police Accountability Activists Meet with FCC & CBC Leaders

By: Larry Fellows Last Friday, Larry Fellows joined a delegation of Black activists and organizers from the police accountability movement to meet with leaders of the Federal Communications Commission and Congressional Black Caucus about the preservation of net neutrality. Coordinated by the Media Action Grassroots Network and our partners, the delegation discussed the role of media Read more