The Media Action Grassroots (MAG-Net) has nearly 100 affiliate organizations nationally.  Our membership is organized into seven regions: Southeast, Southwest, Midwest, West Coast, East Coast, Northwest, and National.


MAG-Net’s fundraising, programming, membership coordination, and infrastructure are managed by the Center for Media Justice (CMJ). The network is governed by the CMJ board and operated by the CMJ staff. Network campaigns, strategies, and priorities are determined by a team of leading media justice organizations that anchor the network and form the “Anchors Team.” Representatives from each Anchor member organization meet monthly with CMJ staff to conduct network planning and support network coordination. Members are convened annually in a Membership Assembly to deepen relationships, define network priorities, and exchange strategies. The network is guided by a network charter, principles, organizing platform, and policy agenda that are reviewed annually by the Anchors Team.


Over 75% of our members are local, regional, or statewide social justice organizations based in under-represented communities. These organizations work on a range of issues, from immigrant and workers rights, to education and economic justice. The vast majority identify as racial justice organizations.  

MAG-Net has two membership types: “Anchor Member” and “Affiliate Member.” One representative from each member organization is designated to represent their group in the network, and is the contact person for network staff. All network members pay dues, according to their membership type.

Affiliate Members: Local, statewide, or national constituency-based organizations with a social or media justice framework or mission. Affiliate members represent disenfranchised communities, have endorsed the network pledge, and actively participate in network activities. Affiliates are non-voting members in the network.

Anchor Members: Network Affiliates with two consecutive years of leadership within MAG-Net and a history of demonstrated leadership in a given region, campaign, or social justice sector may be nominated to become an Anchor Member. Anchors are voting members of the network, and ensure representation of network members, campaigns, and constituencies in three ways:

  • Govern the network through monthly Anchors Team calls and member convening.
  • Lead membership engagement through network cohorts, campaigns, and committees.
  • Build a movement by connecting media and social justice issues; lifting up these connections becomes the basis for recruitment, education, engagement, and action.

To learn more about the Media Action Grassroots Network, or apply for membership, please complete a brief membership application.