North News

North News is a grassroots print and digital community news source and youth journalism program in North Minneapolis. We seek to deepen understanding, empathy, and appreciation for the Northside through our deep, interrogative, and community-sourced coverage. Our goal is to expand local and Twin Cities-wide perceptions of this place which is often reduced to a single, negative narrative – one of crime, poverty, blight, and disparity. We dig deep beneath the surface and lift up North Minneapolis’ nuanced truths. We are a source of great pride within our community.
Minneapolis, MN


WNUC furthers two principal aims:Cultural, political and artistic voices excluded elsewhere are heard. Individuals and communities are strengthened & enriched. With stories from inside the buses of our broken transit system, to protests outside the Rosa Parks Federal Building: WNUC’s local and syndicated coverage promotes social justice, solidarity, and visionary activism.
Detroit, MI

Asamblea de Derechos Civiles

Asamblea, as an organization of faith, takes social responsibility in establishing a structure of power with cultural discipline and a just conscience of our Latino community, that can influence the political process in accordance with our values, principles, and interests. Asamblea will cultivate leaders through transformational trainings and mentorship programs, tools that we will use to carry out our plans, strategies and actions directed by our base and with the mentorship of experienced leaders that will assure that our future generations continue this work for social justice.
Minneapolis, MN

SPEAC (Sustainable Progress through Engaging Active Citizens)

SPEAC is a project of Hope Community and provides community organizing and leadership training for adults. SPEAC leaders share a commitment to making change in their community through community organizing to address issues of equity including challenging the lack of resources at Peavey Park, located a block from Hope Community.

Frogtown Neighborhood Association

Founded in 1970, the Frogtown Neighborhood Association (District 7) was originally named, and is still legally, the Thomas-Dale District 7 Planning Council. We are a small, not-for-profit, community-based organization serving the neighborhoods of East Midway, Frogtown, Capitol Heights, and Mt. Airy. Our efforts are focused on civic engagement and resident empowerment. The mission of the Frogtown Neighborhood Association (District 7) is to strive to conserve, foster and restore the well being of our neighborhoods through the promotion of positive solutions to community issues which affect the health and safety, physical environment, and economic resources of its residents, area workers, and property owners. This is achieved through collaboration and shared responsibility with other member organizations of the community.
St. Paul, MN

Creative Arts Factory of Evanston

To provide affordably accessible opportunities in the exploration and expression of music and other creative arts, including media production and journalism, as a gateway to the discovery of personal worth, responsibility and the desire to achieve.

Woodlawn Reentry Project

The Woodlawn Reentry Project was launched in 2011, as a grassroots community-based response to the critical need for community reentry services delivery on behalf of youth and adult returning citizens exiting County/State/Federal correctional facilities. WRP's mission drives community mobilization, capacity building and sustainability efforts supporting services delivery infrastructure that successfully restores formerly incarcerated citizens back to communities across Chicago
Chicago, IL

Open Access Connections

The mission of Open Access Connections is to bridge the phone access gap of low-income and homeless people by facilitating communication services. Our goal is to find innovative ways to use communication technologies to provide opportunities for people in need, to forge new connections to the community, and to one another. These connections enhance dignity, foster independence, and contribute to success.

The People’s Press Project

The People's Press Project (PPP) is Fargo-Moorhead’s only non-profit dedicated to empowering the community to impart media, rather than being consumers of media. We stand for the development and proliferation of Independent Media and the creation of new community based journalists to inform the community of the real news by the people and for the people. We do this through training, access to equipment and strategic opportunities to develop media through Independent news sources, Social Networks and through the web.

St. Paul Neighborhood Network

SPNN is a 501(c)(3) non-profit community media center serving Saint Paul, MN and the Twin Cities metro area. Our mission is to empower people to use media and communications to better lives, use authentic voice and build common understanding. We operate five channels on the Comcast cable system, which reach 52,000 cable households in Saint Paul.
St. Paul, MN

The Southside Media Project

The Southside Media Project's mission is to provide access to all broadcast and digital media mechanisms through which community members create and share content inclusive of music, stories, news and public affairs, aimed at enriching community and a legacy of self-determination and power.
Minneapolis, MN

Voices for Racial Justice

Voices for Racial Justice advances racial, cultural, social and economic justice in Minnesota through organizer training, strategic policy research and multi-racial convening. Our main activities are: •    Organizer and racial justice leadership training. We build the leadership capacity for a strong, bold and aligned movement for racial and economic justice in Minnesota. We have trained and supported more than 300 organizers, local organizations and policy leaders in community institutions. •    Research and analysis. We assess the potential racial and economic impact of key public policies, practices and decisions on communities of color. Our policy papers, racial equity agendas, Legislative Report Card on Racial Equity and other tools help communities and decision-makers align to advance racial equity. •    Convening and campaigns. We create the spaces through which diverse communities of color from multiple organizations develop shared messages, strategies and campaigns to address racial equity issues. These multiracial campaigns include the Education Equity Organizing Collaborative, OUR MPLS and Voices for Voting Rights.
Minneapolis, MN

(CURA) Neighborhood Leadership and Organizing Program

The mission of NLOP is to support place-based organizations to successfully take on local issues by developing the skills of community organizers and leaders.
Minneapolis, MN

Line Break Media

Line Break works with artists, organizers, and advocates to craft their stories into powerful instruments for transformative social change. Together, we can refine your communications strategy and produce compelling media to advance your vision.
Minneapolis, MN

Urbana Champaign Independent Media Center

Founded in 2000, the Urbana-Champaign Independent Media Center is a grassroots, 501c3 organization committed to using media and art production and distribution as tools for promoting social and economic justice.
Urbana, IL