The Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) is a national constituency-based action network organizing to improve media conditions where we live, work, and play.  Coordinated by the Center for Media Justice, MAG-Net features a national media justice organizing table of leaders that anchor the network.

Together, network staff and anchors organize, educate, and mobilize a national affiliate membership of community organizations to achieve ten media justice organizing goals:


  1. We want full enforcement of the communication rights of all people; with regulatory, constitutional, and human rights protections for people of color, incarcerated people and their families, students, immigrants, rural communities, LGBTQ communities, women, Native communities, low-income families, low-wage workers, and other vulnerable communities.
  2. We want diverse and democratic media ownership and an end to corporate personhood and media consolidation so that a handful of powerful corporations do not control what we read, watch, and listen to.
  3. We want fully funded and community-owned media infrastructure, with public investment and franchising agreements that create good jobs, increase community-controlled development, and strengthen local economies.
  4. We want media policies that recognize communication and digital rights to access, affordability, and accountability as key human rights in the 21st century.
  5. We want Internet policies and regulation that keep the Internet affordable and open, ensure universal access, increase social and economic equity, and protect vulnerable consumers.
  6. We want digital platforms and technologies that are free of indiscriminate surveillance and racial profiling, with real transparency and privacy protections that reduce criminalization and extend human rights and constitutional protections.
  7. We want full funding for arts, cultural programming and public broadcasting, and the integration of arts and media literacy into our public education system.
  8. We want transparency in decision-making and mechanisms for meaningful participation by those directly impacted by communications policy.
  9. We want transparent mechanisms through which to hold corporations and government accountable for respecting and upholding our digital rights.
  10. We want full and fair representation in news and pop culture, with truth and accuracy in reporting, and journalism standards that ensure our stories are told and our voices are heard.