Media Justice is a long term vision for a democratized media, with universal access, communications rights, and full representation for everyone. Media Justice has been achieved when the media and cultural environment results in connected communities, fair economies, racial justice and human rights for all.

Our Social Justice Approach

The Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) shares a vision for social justice that touches every aspect of our lives – from government and the economy, to civil society and systems of power and oppression. We believe that media justice is inseparable from social and economic justice. Opposing media consolidation is taking a stand for workers whose jobs will be eliminated and working families who will have to pay more for services. Greater representation and diversity in our media system means less hate speech, more coverage of our issues and constituencies, and less political cover for regressive policies that hurt our people. Community ownership of our media infrastructure leads to robust local economies, increased civic engagement and community cohesion. To hold those in power accountable for our digital rights is to resist surveillance that can weaken our movements. And organizing for greater access and protections maintains the human right to communicate for all.