The Internet is a bastion of free speech and innovation because it operates under the principles of Net Neutrality. Companies like Verizon, AT&T, and Comcast are trying to undo the Open Internet in order to discriminate against voices online and increase their profit margins. The lack of competition among Internet service providers ensures that the price for Internet stays high.

The Internet is vital to participation in a 21st century society. Access to jobs, a quality education, and civic engagement all depend on communities being online. Closing the digital divide and ensuring that all people have access to an open Internet are vital.

Open and Affordable Internet Campaigns

Net Neutrality is a Civil Right

The Internet has the potential to increase equity in media access and political participation for historically marginalized communities. Due to high barriers to entry in television, radio, and cable, traditional media outlets have not included enough diverse voices, or provided content that is significant and relevant to underrepresented groups. With lower barriers to entry, the Internet is a platform where these groups can speak for themselves and on behalf of their communities, to wider audiences.