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Since 2004, MAG-Net has emerged as a powerful media justice network.  Together we have won major victories such as prison phone justice, stopping media mergers, and securing net neutrality to ensure we have open platforms to communicate. As a member of MAG-Net, you will play a vital role in advancing racial and economic equity through media rights, access and representation.

With nearly 100 affiliated organizations nationwide, MAG-Net is a movement-building network of social justice, media and arts organizations collaborating nationally for communication rights, media/technology access, and fair representation. Our member organizations represent a diverse set of issues and identities. Together we work to amplify grassroots voices to influence national media policy debates.


Co-founded in 2004 by staff of the Center for Media Justice, Media Alliance, and others, the Media Action Grassroots Network (MAG-Net) is the only multi-issue national network advocating for the communication rights of social justice sectors and underrepresented communities in the U.S. MAG-Net works for media policy change to make social justice movements stronger, more effective, strategic, and collaborative.


We share a long-term vision for “media justice,” with democratic communications policies and practices that drive racial justice, economic equity, and human rights. We believe that, in a 21st century information economy, media justice is required  and inseparable from social and economic justice and can result in equitable power, access, opportunities, treatment and impacts for all.

To achieve this vision, we organize and mobilize organizations based in disenfranchised communities that work on the frontlines of social change to ensure our members have a seat at the communications policy table and a voice in decisions on the future of media.


BUILD a connected, multi-issue community of social justice, media, and arts organizations into an influential network that leads with bold vision and shared purpose.

MOBILIZE to confront power-holders and win democratic communication policies and practices at the local, state, and national level.

LEVERAGE our victories to generate shared financial and strategic resources that strengthen the communications and cultural leadership of the media justice sector and broader social justice movements.


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