Our members are our strength. We work to amplify the power and visibility of our members to ensure the network is an influential voice in the fight for media justice. The network provides the opportunities and skill-building needed to ensure members learn to leverage strategies for media justice, enhance their leadership and through collaboration bridge social justice movements over time. Here are some current highlights on membership engagement and leadership opportunities:


Led by Anchor members, with support from CMJ staff, campaign teams are action-oriented small groups of network members collaborating nationally to win specific policies or practices that advance media rights, access, or representation for impacted communities. Current Campaign teams are leading on:

  • Digital Surveillance
  • Lifeline/Affordable Broadband
  • Prison Phone Justice
  • CAP Comcast/Fair Franchising
  • Net Neutrality

COHORTS: Led by Anchor members, cohorts are vehicles for all network members to collaborate on areas of shared interest to advance shared goals. Types of cohort-led activities include public education, peer exchanges, special projects, publications and recommendations to the network. Current cohorts include:

  • Arts and Culture Cohort
  • Community Media Cohort
  • Youth Media Cohort
  • Criminal Justice Cohort

LEARNING COMMUNITY: Through a national media justice learning community, MAG-Net develops powerful leaders and provides opportunities for members to develop media justice analysis, skills and strategies.

  • Media Justice Salons: Monthly members-only salon series hosted by the Center for Media Justice, in partnership with leading network members. Media Justice Salons are designed to provide learning opportunities on timely issues and new strategies at the intersection of communications, media policy, technology and popular culture that inform our social justice work.
  • CultureSHIFT Webinars: This webinar series helps participants sharpen their online tactics, integrate best practices, and learn from some of the most effective digital strategists in the movement for racial justice and civil rights. Members receive a discount on each webinar.

CONVENING: These are intentional spaces for our members to inform network priorities and strategies, deepen relationships with other members, and build shared analysis and action plans for our media justice goals.

  • Annual Membership Assembly: Each year we invite representatives from member organizations to come together to strengthen relationships and develop action plans across issue and geography.
  • Regional Member Gatherings: Each year, network members within a specific region gather to strengthen leadership skills and develop a shared media justice strategy.
  • Educational/Advocacy Delegations: In response to urgent threats or timely opportunities, MAG-Net hosts delegations to meetings with public officials, conferences, and strategy sessions to elevate member visibility, advance a shared agenda, and build a shared base of knowledge.

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