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MAG-Net has nearly 100 affiliated member organizations nationwide and is a movement-building network of social justice, media, and arts organizations collaborating nationally for communication rights, media/technology access, and fair representation. Our member organizations represent a diverse set of issues and identities. Together we work to amplify grassroots voices to influence national media policy debates.


Membership in MAG-Net requires an annual dues payment of $150 for Affiliate organizations, and $300 for Anchor organizations. Financial assistance is available for organizations that want to join. Member dues contribute to the network’s Action Fund – micro-grants to members to support member education, engagement, and action.


MAG-Net provides specific benefits that increase the value of membership, build leadership, and strengthen an effective movement for media justice.

Education and Exchange

  • Exclusive members-only access to Media Justice Salons, delegations, and convenings.
  • Discounts on the CultureSHIFT skills building webinar series which connects participants to experts on communications, technology, and popular culture.
  • Timely toolkits, templates, and issue and strategy briefings.
  • Members-only peer exchange though cohorts and our listserv.

Campaign and Action Support

  • National online platform to promote actions to expand audience reach.
  • A network-based communications hub offering press support including a national online press database, spokesperson training, story pitching, press tools, and more.
  • On-site tactical support for actions and events.
  • Access to national policy, legal experts, and spokespeople.

Financial and Strategic Resources

  • Members-only access to Action Fund micro-grants and scholarships for event travel and registration, member collaboration, and local actions.
  • For Anchor Members only: Access to timely funder briefing and fundraising support.
  • Organizational coaching as needed.

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